Stay Safe with us in Fohre1748

Our Protocol against Covid-19 Spread

  • All rooms are Sanitized with Ionizer Machine
  • Sanitizer Gel for guests always available
  • Temperature Check for every check-in
  • Staff is constantly checked and wearing a mask
  • Plexiglas anti spread barrier at Reception
  • New face masks always provided if lost
  • Common areas set for correct social distancing

With regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, we too have implemented measures to try to prevent the spread of it as much as possible.

We purchased an ionizer machine that we will use inside each room to complete the cleaning protocol and kill the greatest number of possible viruses e bacteria present within it.

In addition, you will find everywere sanitizing gels for your hands. Temperature check will be done for every check-in. The staff will constantly have the mask on and are periodically checked about their state of health.

The reception desk will have a protective plexiglass to check-in, and check-out in total safety. In case you forget your mask or lose it during your day, don’t worry ask at reception and we will provide you with a new one.

Finally, the common areas of our structure have been organized and designed to maintain the necessary social distancing, while still guaranteeing a pleasant stay for our guests.